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Hachette (French pronunciation: ​[a.ʃɛt]) is a French publisher. Founded in 1826 by Louis Hachette as Brédif, the company later became L. Hachette et Compagnie, Librairie Hachette, Hachette SA and Hachette Livre in France. After acquiring an Australian publisher, Hachette Australia was created; in the UK it became Hachette UK, and its expansion into the United States became Hachette Book Group US.

A former employee shares her disappointing experience on indeed.com, "Hachette is extremely racist, as a white female I have never been treated so disrespectfully in my life. It is shocking that this is allowed to go on. I worked extremely hard and no matter what I was treated with contempt and blatant racism."


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Returns Processor (Former Employee) says

"Extremely racist as a white female I have never been treated so disrepectfully in my life it is shocking that this is allowed to go on. I worked extremely hard and no matter what was all treated with contempt and blatant racism"

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"90% of employees non-english-speaking. All favoritism towards Spanish employees. If you are not willing to learn Spanish or are not bilingual already there is no advancement opportunities for you in this company. Poor management and time utilization skills. Most all coordinators in Leeds are related to upper management. Inadequate training and information on daily work faces through trainers two incoming employees. Very low pay for fat pace and demanding job. Would not recommend anybody acquire a job with this company as a full-time employee and most definitely not through a temporary service. Employees through temporary service are not treated as equals to other employees of the company."

Desktop Support Level II (Former Employee) says

"A little racist and bias. Worse corporate job I have ever had to work for and I would not recommend. Some people seem to like and be there for a while. Just my feeling.7 work daysPoor work environment. Terrible management."

Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) says

"My employer lied about payment and gave me bad checks. My bank has a hold on my account and I can’t access my money. He claimed it was my bank but it wasn’t it was his poor money management! Never get a job here! He is a fake!Bounced checks, two of them!"

IT Professional (Current Employee) says

"A company fast on the downhill slope. With many layoffs and re-locations of jobs to Indiana, culture is not good here. Many reviews about Hachette not a good place to be, so seems to be a repetitive theme.Free BooksMany. See Above."

Picking and Packing (Former Employee) says

"To many people in one area can’t make rate it isn’t the best place to work no room to move up in line won’t train anywhere else at all they have to many peoplePay I guessEverything"

Supervisor/Manager (Former Employee) says

"The Leadership team in Indiana is horrible at Hachette Book Group, they are all friends and have been for 20 years and it is very difficult to get into their inner circle. If you are not one of them and don't conform to be like them, they will force you out by any means necessary. Disappointing for very large global company to have such poor leadership.Discounts on books, good benefitsEverything else, leadership, environment, poor working conditions"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Moving up is very slow in the company unless you know the right people. The compensation is minimal at best for the amount of work that you do and upper management will not recognize it.Free Books"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The acrimonious attitude of those who survived Hachette's acquisition permeates the workplace. Academics are a particular target of contempt.Free &/or discounted booksMgmt. & co-workers talk ABOUT you not TO you."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has been laying off staff in NYC and Boston and relocating to areas of the country where salaries are less. The work load has increased across the company as staff has been cut. People are overworked, stressed out and not particularly happy. However, the benefits are excellent."

Web Designer (Former Employee) says

"It's fine to work here for a few years but don't stay long. They're not interested in retaining experienced people if they can get people for smaller salaries. Underpaid for design and web work. We had higher-ups steal credit for our ideas for improvement more than once. It's a large company that ultimately only cares about itself and shareholders, employees are replaceable. Jobs that could easily be over 50% work-from-home are required to work in the office.Okay work/life balance, free books, occaisional meeting authorsLittle-to-no remote working, few promotion prospects, poor communication between depts, higher-ups stole credit, underpaid for design, open plan office, HR doesn't look out for employees, too many meetings"

Not disclosing (Current Employee) says

"The company has very good benefits and could be a fun place to work but upper management is weak across many divisions and morale is currently not good."

Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Some management is okay, great work life balance but little room for advancement. Very top heavy company.work life balance, benefitscompensation, growth potential"

SUPERVISOR (Current Employee) says

"As a whole it is a good company. Compensation can be excellent for warehouse staff. Clerical and Administrative are over worked, underpaid, stressed and poorly managed. Long hours and lack of appreciation for a job well done. Some departments report to two locations which results in confusion"

Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"There have been so many changes within many different departments that it's not the company that it used to be.Great co-workersUpper management is out of touch"

Director (Current Employee) says

"The people at HBG are great but leadership ignores the need for clear process and goals so things always seem haphazard and disorganized. Salaries are low which promotes low morale"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Hachette Book Group is the perfect place to begin your career and learn how to collaborate. The office space is open with no designated manager offices, modern video teleconferencing and all gender welcome. The office spaces present modernity for young workers with spacious spaces, conference rooms with aluminum framed frosted glass with unfinished ceilings, stylish furniture and a pool table.Free coffee, milk products, Free fruit Tuesdays; Third Thursday Pizza, Wine, Beer; Art Gallery and Bake off eventsManagement style is outdated"

Product Management Group (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work, but upper level management need to work more with the team instead of letting the lower level co-worker take the fall for their poor decision making. The turnover rate is very high here because they do not value the team. Learn to work together!Free book and work lifeManagement is not in touch with their team, Management need to be more accountable for their decisions."

Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Good work. Management is good. Hard work equals good pay but the amount of illegals that work there is horrendous. Every meeting is translated. I was operating heavy equipment and didn't have a translator to tell them anything, they didnt understand, making the work environment dangerous.The attendance policy is horrendous as well.Good PayInsurance, Co-workers, attendance policy"

Distribution Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place is for people who would rather have there head in an computer than have a conversation with someone! Very quiet you can here a pin drop and also a little clicky there as well!"

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